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" Appetites have only one word in their vocabulary - MORE. Appetites are never fully and finally satisfied." 


With that philosophy, we started off what's known as Premium Snacks Store by WeftGrip. We boast ourselves as enabler of most of the best imported products(including Snacks) around the globe by only letting the finest and utmost top quality products become part of our store.

We review our offerings every few months to ensure that you never have to go out of options and that you can rely on us as your snacks partner for life. We make sure that every product of our store emanates a story that is all about you and your snacks needs.

Weftgrip now has its online store operations in India. We do guarantee all over India delivery on orders of all sizes.

How it all started?

In 20 years of international courier experience, we have been importing various products including snacks(candies, cookies, chips & chocolates) for our offline tie-ups with premium services. Originating from a courier background, we realized that we can serve world’s premium products in India better than any other existing vendor on a very reasonable price. The existing vendors prices are too high for imported products.

We begin our journey by introducing some of these products in some NCR’s premium stores. We were fascinated by the amazing customer response and their affection for imported products. Having experienced a wide appreciation for these products in NCR, we wanted to reach out to the extended audience in the India, So we opened the online store to satisfy our customer’s crave for imported products.

Today, we bring you the same products online. Subscribe to our newsletter to get notified when we are adding new products of your need!

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